Attractive High School Girls In Watford City, North Dakota

I have complained in many blog posts that there is a shortage of women and lack of attractive women in Watford City, North Dakota. I am kind of puzzled that I am seeing thin, healthy, attractive high school girls in Watford City. I currently have four theories, and I think that #1 and #4 are the most likely.

  1. Possibly, this is the first generation of women in Watford City, where the thin girls didn’t die or blow away in the wind. There aren’t many outhouses anymore, and the thin girls can go to the bathroom inside, and they don’t die of pneumonia.
  2. The families in Watford City eat their fat children. They don’t waste their time trying to eat their skinny daughters.
  3. After graduating from high school, they make their daughters over-eat all summer long. Then, at the end of the summer, they hit them in the face with a board.
  4. After high school graduation, the thin pretty girls move to Miami, Los Vegas, San Diego, or Orlando, and the unattractive girls remain here in Watford City.

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